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Eine Woche mit den Königskindern: Interview mit Vince Vawter (englisch)

Hallo zum letzten Tag der "Woche mit den Königskindern". Wir hoffen, ihr hattet bisher viel Spaß dabei, den Königskinder Verlag und insbesondere das Buch "Wörter auf Papier" ein wenig kennenzulernen. Am heutigen letzten Tag der Woche gibt es noch etwas ganz Besonderes zum Abschluss. Der Autor Vince Vawter war so nett, uns einige Fragen zu sich und seinem Buch zu beantworten. Hier bei mir könnt ihr die englischen Originalfragen und -antworten nachlesen, bei Tine gibt es die übersetzte Version auf Deutsch zu lesen.

1. In "Paperboy“, you describe a hot summer in 1959 that leads to a change in the main characters´ attitude towards his stuttering problems. How autobiographical is this narration in your book? Did you experience a similar summer in your youth?
The story came directly from my experiences of that summer in 1959 in Memphis. I did take over my friend´s newspaper route for that one month. While some of the story is fictionalized, all the incidents that took place have some basis in fact. I will explain more in your question Number 3.

2. Why did you decide to write the story of "Paperboy“ just now and not at any time earlier?
I always knew I would write this story, but I wanted to make sure I gave it all I had. Thus, I knew I could only write it after my retirement from the demanding world of newspapers where I spent 40 years. Even then, it took me six years to get it exactly like I wanted it. The book is only 50,000 words, but I wrote more than 300,000 words to find the most important parts of my story.

3. In "Paperboy“, Victor makes the acquaintance of some quite extraordinary persons in his neighborhood. Especially Mr. Spiro appeals to Victor. Did you get inspirations for "Mr. Spiro“ from a real person that you know?
This is the question I am probably asked the most. Here is the story I tell: In working with my American editor, I made her aware that the people in the story came from my childhood, except for one. We discussed the origins of the characters. I then said that Mr. Spiro is the only person I “created” because I had to have him to wrap up the critical parts of the story. “But, he must have come from some where?” she asked. “Well, I guess he is Vince Vawter or Victor Vollmer at 65 years old.” To which she replied, “Just as I thought."

4. Do you actively engage in helping people with stuttering or other speaking impairments? Do you have any advice for those people?
This has been one of the most beautiful parts of my "Paperboy" journey. I have spoken in more than 75 schools in the past 18 months. I still have the vestiges of my stutter, but I have found my voice and I love to talk with young people about their challenges. I share with them what I call my "Stuttering Manifesto". 

1. Stuttering is what we do when we try NOT to stutter. 
2. Stuttering is not cured, but rather it is overcome. 
3. Fluency is not all it´s cracked up to be. 

I always use the term “finding one’s voice” when talking about my book. This term seems to ring true with young people whether or not they have speech issues. It means the same as finding out exactly who you are and being true to yourself.


Mit diesem Interview geht unsere kleine Königskinder-Verlags-Woche zu Ende. Uns hat es viel Spaß gemacht, uns mit dem Buch "Wörter auf Papier" auseinanderzusetzen, und wir hoffen euch diese schöne Geschichte ein wenig ans Herz gelegt zu haben. Dankeschön an den Königskinder Verlag für die Bereitstellung des Buches und an Tine für die ganze Aktion - hat Spaß gemacht :)

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  1. Wundervolles Interview! :)

    Viele liebe Grüße,

  2. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  3. Dankeschön :) Der Herr Vawter war auch wirklich ziemlich nett, was er noch so drumherum geschrieben hat...

  4. Auch hier noch mal: ein sehr liebenswertes Interview. Ihr habt genau die richtigen Fragen gestellt und Vince Vawter wirkt wirklich sehr, sehr sympathisch :)

    LG Nanni


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